Are you a single star, or a constellation?
Network led growth is an emergent strategic approach that moves beyond competition and embraces collaboration by harnessing the collective power of networks.
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Less Risk
NLG diversifies your strategy by distributing it amongst your community, diffusing your risk and providing a solid foundation for growth.
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Higher Impact
NLG is proven to produce even higher engagement rates than influencers, and leads to deeper connections with your network.
Network led growth is driven by word of mouth, referrals, and shared experiences. It’s not solely reliant on traditional marketing and sales strategies.
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Less Cost
Competition drives prices higher - just look at influencer rates or online ad pricing. NLG gets better results with less investment.
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Uncopyable foundation
Your network is the one thing that no competitor can copy. The relationships that you nurture and grow alongside are invaluable.
Founding your strategy on the constant monitoring and nurturing of your network means you’re building the foundation for sustainable growth.
Who we are
Amplifidor is a collection of growth experts who want to make network led growth more accessible to everyone, from networkers to brands, agencies and beyond. We’ve worked with thousands of brands, from the largest global brands to independent local businesses.
How we can help
Our team is dedicated to creating the resources, services, and tools to enable network led growth - so that anyone can unlock the full potential of their network and escape the cycle of competition.
Together with our network, we are building a network led growth engine specifically for organizing, engaging and monetizing your network, and discovering the perfect collaborators for you based on trust and authenticity.
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Our experts love introducing brands to the powerful benefits of network led growth. Whether you’re just starting up, or are looking for a better approach to your long-time marketing strategy, we’re here to help.
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