We are Amplifidor
Our mission is to unite the brilliant, the passionate, and the driven, unlocking more human connection, communication and collaboration for mutual growth.

We foster growth and success for individuals and organizations through solutions that enhance meaningful connections, collaborative impact, and powerful communication.
Meet the Team
Amplifidor is a collection of growth experts who want to make Network Led Growth more accessible to everyone, from networkers to brands, agencies and beyond. We’ve worked with thousands of brands and organizations, from the largest global firms to independent local businesses.
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The Amplifidor headquarters is proudly located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and our diverse team spans the entire globe.
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Letter from the Chief
“At Amplifidor, we’re doing more than just starting a company; we’re co-creating a vibrant ecosystem. In this space, meaningful connections evolve into impactful partnerships, influential initiatives, and game-changing ventures. We’re crafting an environment with unlimited growth opportunities for organizations and individuals committed to collective wealth creation - empowering each other to become the social influencers, entrepreneurs, and investors we’re meant to be.

With this vision, we’ve taken the lead with a mission to unlock everyone’s true potential by uniting the brilliant, the passionate, and the driven -  to realize all of our dreams faster and on a larger scale through collaboration, so we all have more of the very finite resources (time and money) we all need to live more meaningful and less stressful lives. But to disrupt a world that often pushes us to be just followers, employees, consumer, and most of the time the product, we need your unique contribution.

You could be the next pearl in this chain of reaction, the catalyst we all need, the next big thing that propel us all forward. So, step into our world, join our network, enrich our ecosystem, and together, let’s amplify our influence, impact, and wealth!”
- Faisal Al Qahtani
Who We Serve
Our mission takes us to many different clients and users, from the networkers who monetize their communities on our App, to companies who integrate network led growth into their organizations thanks to our Strategic Growth Services.
Why Network Led Growth?
We see NLG as a strategic approach that goes beyond traditional marketing or sales tactics - it's about harnessing the collective power and influence of networks to create sustainable, organic growth and business success. It is a holistic approach that values relationships, collaboration, and community engagement, supported by data-driven insights and technology.
Network Led
Collective influence
Each individual in a network can influence others, creating a ripple effect that amplifies growth potential by engaging with customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders in meaningful ways, fostering trust and loyalty.
Collective Innovation
Stakeholders co-create value. Customers participate in product development. Partners co-create market opportunities.
Collective Intelligence
Understand network dynamics, track engagement, and identify opportunities for further growth.
Collective Impact
Each new member of the network potentially increases reach and influence, leading to exponential growth opportunities.
Driven by everlasting word-of-mouth, referrals, and shared experiences, and not solely reliant on traditional advertising or sales strategies.
Achieves sustainable, scalable growth by continuously nurturing and expanding the network in strategic directions.
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