Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
You have questions - we get it! Below are some of our most frequently asked questions to get you started, and you can submit a question if you want to learn more.
What does Amplifidor mean?
Amplifidor means “amplification ambassador” - A new kind of influencer that works with their network and others to achieve their shared goals.
What is Amplifidor and how does it work?
Amplifidor is an organization dedicated to expanding the accessibility of Network Led Growth (NLG) Principles – so that everyone, from brands to networkers and agencies can unlock the power of networks.
What does Amplifidor do?
Our mission is to unite the brilliant, the passionate, and the driven, unlocking more human connection, communication and collaboration for mutual growth. To do this, we are building the services, tools, resources, and community that enable and empower NLG.
Who does Amplifidor help?
Amplifidor is open to all who believe in the power of unity, the power of creating vibrant networks to amplify the good around us. Our experts have helped everyone achieve sustainable growth through NLG, from networkers to the largest global brands. Our platform and services are especially useful to Brands, NGOs, communities, and networkers.
Where is Amplifidor based?
Amplifidor is proudly founded and based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and our team spans the entire globe – from KSA to Italy, Australia, the US, and everywhere in between.  
When was Amplifidor founded?  
Amplifidor was founded in 2022
Why was Amplifidor founded?
Amplifidor was founded to bring secret growth techniques to the world – to set new standards for social collaboration and sustainable growth.
Who founded Amplifidor?
Amplifidor was co-founded by cousins Faisal Al Qahtani (CVO) and Waleed Al Qahtani.  
What is it like to work at Amplifidor?  
Amplifidor is a holacracy, which means each of our members have specific roles and the autonomy to fulfill those roles and responsibilities. We trust our team to perform their expertise, and to keep each other accountable with full transparency.
What does the Amplifidor App do?  
The Amplifidor App is being built in collaboration with our network specifically for organizing, engaging and monetizing your network, and discovering the perfect collaborators for you based on trust and authenticity.
When does the App launch?
Amplifidor is available now on an invitation-only basis. Users with Android and iOS devices can download the Amplifidor App directly from the Google Play and App Store and create their profiles, but will have to await verification and approval before gaining access.
Who is the platform for?
The Amplifidor App is a powerful network engagement tool that enables both Brands and Influencers to organize their network into Groups, and to mobilize their Groups with Missions.  
How much does it cost?  
The app is free to download and use. Missions require a budget to reward participants, and Amplifidor takes a small percentage of the Mission budget to maintain and improve the app.
Is it secure?  
Amplifidor uses verification to ensure that all users are trustworthy and authentic, and partners with complient payment platforms to ensure the highest level of security for our users. Read more about our privacy policies here.
How can I monetize my following?
By completing Missions, you can easily earn Mission rewards and start monetizing your influence. To take this a step further, you can create your own Groups and accept missions as a group, sharing the rewards with your network.
How can it help amplify my message?  
Creating Missions is the best way to amplify your message using the power of collective influence, and you can choose to keep them private for your own network-only or make them discoverable by anyone who shares your values and interests.
How do I create a verified profile?  
Users can download the app now and create their profiles. During onboarding, you will link your social accounts, which are used to verify your profile.  After completing your Profile, it will move to the pending stage while your profiles are verified for authenticity. Additional verification may be required.
Is the platform finished?
Amplifidor is currently in Beta, so access is somewhat limited as we test and refine new features. We view our app as a constantly evolving tool, so while it will never be truly “finished”, we regularly launch completed features.
Why Amplifidor?
Amplifidor was founded by experts who realized that there is a better, more sustainable and efficient way to enable growth, but these methodologies were complex and largely inaccessible to the general market. This company was founded to expand the accessibility of these approaches, and our services team is the perfect partner for those who want to fast-track their network led growth.
How do I hire Amplifidor?
The first step to hiring Amplifidor is completing our “Match-Making Quiz” to determine how well our services fit with your needs, and what we recommend for your situation.
How does it work?
Our engagements all start the same way – with an “Ignite Project”. During ignite, we use our assessment framework to gain a comprehensive overview of your company, quickly identifying critical gaps by considering both external and internal perspectives. This facilitates a prompt alignment toward a roadmap of initiatives aimed at breaking down functional silos and optimizing core business and technology processes.
How much does it cost?
Amplifidor services are flexibly priced based on the needs of our customers, with some wanting the full range of our services, and others only needing specific expertise. We also offer special rates for startups and exciting new ideas.
How do I contact an expert?
Want expert opinions without taking our “Match Making Quiz”? Fiill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you with our thoughts in less than a week!
What is your engagement process?
Before beginning an Ignite phase Amplifidor customers sign an MSA and first SOW for the ignite phase. Next, comes the Sense phase, which utilizes 1hr/week workshops dedicated to turning your Ignite findings into an actionable plan. Finally, we move to the Amplify phase, which is the project-by-project execution of the plans developed during the Sense phase.
How long does the Ignite phase take?  
The Ignite phase is an accelerated “getting to know you” phase which takes about 3 weeks (one workshop per week) and ends with a holistic profile of your organization, network, and needs.
What services are you offering?  
Currently we offer Influence, Branding, Experience, and Innovation services, all performed under the Network Led Growth approach. You can read more about our services on our Services page.
What is Network Led Growth?
We see NLG as a strategic approach going beyond traditional marketing or sales tactics. It's about harnessing the collective power and influence of networks to create sustainable, organic growth and business success. It is an holistic approach that values relationships, collaboration, and community engagement, supported by data-driven insights and technology.
What are the benefits of NLG?
Network Led Growth is full of benefits and advantages, but the top 3 are:  

Minimized risk – Network led growth diversifies your strategy by focusing on your foundational network of partners, influencers, fans, stakeholders, and more, forming a solid basis for growth without the risks of traditional marketing strategies.

Trust & Authenticity – Brands and influencers alike have struggled to maintain the trust of their audiences due to fragmented collaboration practices, leading to inauthentic mobilizations and dissatisfied fans. NLG involves your stakeholders directly into the process and provides frameworks for identifying and mobilizing collaborations based on authentic interests and values.

Efficiency and Scalability – No strategic approach scales quite as effectively as Network Led Growth. As your network grows, so too will you, and as you grow, so too will your network. This shared benefit means that your most important network is scaling directly with your business.
Who can benefit from NLG?
The short answer is – everyone! Anyone with growth goals can benefit from NLG, whether you are just starting up or have established strategies in need of a revamp. NLG is especially powerful when begun from the beginning, making new products, companies, or ideas the perfect pair with this approach.
What is Collective Influence?
Collective influence is an important part of NLG – founded on communities and networks, rather than individual customers or transactions. Each individual in a network can influence others, creating a ripple effect that amplifies growth potential by engaging with customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders in meaningful ways, fostering trust and loyalty.
How do i start utilizing NLG?
The fastest way to start utilizing NLG is to talk with one of our growth experts. Submit your case and our experts will reach out with some ways you can get started using NLG – with or without our paid services.
How can I become an Amplifidor partner?  
We are always looking to add impactful business, technology, thought leadership and other partners to our network, helping to create even more value for our users. To become an Amplifidor partner, fill out our Contact Form.
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