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Successful collaborations
begin with trust and authenticity.
That’s why we’ve built Amplifidor Profiles to be your most comprehensive online profile. From brand managers to networkers and influencers, everyone has space for their most relevant information.
Create your profile
Express Yourself
All the space you need for your bio, story, policies, info - whatever!
Data Transparency
You can show off your live social follower and engagement metrics directly on your Profile.
Verified Only
Our app is accessible by invitation only, so all profiles are verified authentic - no clickbait, dupes, or fakes.
Interests & Values
You match with collaborators based on what's important - like your shared interests and values.
As users complete missions, their rewards are added to their wallet for easy management.
From beginner networkers to major brands, organizing your connections into Groups creates greater impact.
Amplifidor Groups let anyone organize their network however they like, from Brands grouping employees and partners, to Networkers grouping their best followers and favorite collaborators.
Start Grouping
Public Groups
Make groups that anyone can discover and join without needing your approval.
Private Groups
Private groups can only be found by your direct invitation and approval.
Closed Groups
Anyone can discover your group, but joining requires an invitation or approval from the group admin.
Branded Groups
Created with a branded verified social media account. These groups can send both internal and external Missions.
Create as many groups as you need to sort and organize your connections.
Influential users can find and join discoverable groups that align with their interests, expertise, values and more.
Discoverable groups can be found by relevant networkers, helping you make valuable collaborative connections.
Amplify your message by engaging and rewarding networkers with Missions.
Send missions to your own groups, or post them publicly so that anyone can join. With new missions types being added regularly, the only limit on your growth is your imagination.
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Public Missions
Missions that can be discovered, joined and completed by any users who share in your interests.
Private Missions
Missions exclusive to your network and Groups.
Coming Soon
Users can submit their ideas and suggestions to group managers, unlocking even more outside-the-box collaborations.
Communication Missions
Powerful missions that mobilize joiners to share your message or initiative on their channels. (can be private or public)
Coming Soon
Content Missions
Missions for leveraging creativity - mobilizing users to create video, audio, and any other content you can imagine.
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